Furry Fix Spay / neuter openings

Current spay / neuter openings thru Furry Fix:

If no products are seen - that means we are sold out for that month or we do not have a future date announced yet. Please keep checking back.

Bluffton Animal Clinic vouchers will go online again on June 1 at 6pm.
We sell 25 Bluffton Animal Clinic vouchers each month at $25 per appointment.  

Sold out - Public Vet will return to Peru on May 15.  The Furry Fix spots are sold out.  But regular spots are still available at www.pub.vet

Furry Fix only handles the financial discount - any surgery related questions should be directed to the Public Vet.

Furry Fix facebook page:  https://www.facebook.com/furryfix
Furry Fix website:  https://www.furryfix.net