About Furry Fix

The number of homeless pets is at an epidemic level.

They are lost, abandoned, homeless, cold, hungry and terrified.
Shelters and rescues are completely full and overwhelmed with the current population.

The only long term solution to this crises is to spay / neuter these animals until the population is manageable.

The Furry Fix organization’s mission is to decrease the population thru spay / neuter.  It is difficult and financially daunting to fix multiple barn cats or homeless cats that you are trying to help, keep or adopt. Furry Fix is trying to alleviate this financial burden of spay / neuter thru funding of these surgeries in full or in part.

Furry Fix does not perform spay or neuter surgeries – they only raise money to help with the cost of spay / neuter. Our long term goal is to work with Veterinarians around the state that will help us provide this much needed service.

There are two divisions:

Feral Furry Fix is a no charge service and handled by designated trip-neuter-return Representatives.

Friendly Furry Fix is for any friendly cat – barn, homeless, abandoned, etc. that are friendly and can be handled. The surgeries are offered at a significant discount of 50% or more thru the Furry Fix program.

Furry Fix will also maintain a Facebook page to share other low cost spay / neuter programs in Indiana as well as resources that are available.

More information on Furry Fix can be found at:

Furry Fix is a 501c3 organization.  

We are located in Wabash, Indiana