Homeless cat shelters

We make around 300 homeless cat shelters during the winter months.  
We distribute around the area.  

Message:  (260) 571-8142 for address of pick up and more details. 

The shelters can be picked up at the below locations (message first to make sure they have stock):

To cover costs: 
The tote / styrofoam is a $20 / donation 
The styrofoam only is a free will donation or free
Not every location will have both types - you will need to call them.  
Call:  260-571-8142 if you want to pick up from Furry Fix - we have both types available.  


Furry Fix - both types available
Message:  (260) 571-8142 for address.
For the cat shelter distribution - we are normally open 9a to 9p Monday thru Friday and 3p to 9p on the weekends. But please message (260) 571-8142 and confirm we are there before leaving to pick them up. 

Wabash County Animal Shelter 
810 Manchester Avenue
Wabash, Indiana  46992
Phone: (260) 563-3511

J&K's Mega Pet 
1425 North Cass Street
Wabash, Indiana  46992
Phone:  (260) 563-0352


Huntington County
Humane Society
PO Box 366
390 Thurman Poe Way
Huntington, Indiana  46750
Phone: (260) 356-0355


Bear Woman Herbs
20 North Broadway Street - Suite 7
Phone:  (765) 244-9063


Kosciusko Community TNR 
4309 South Packerton Road
Warsaw, Indiana  46580
Phone:  (341) 400-6369

The tote and styrofoam shelters are made with a 30 gallon durable tote with a 1.5" styrofoam.  We cut a 6" circular hole thru both the styrofoam and tote and use gorilla tape to tape the two pieces together.  Straw is then placed inside the shelter.   The donation is $20 which covers our costs of the tote, styrofoam and tape.  These can be placed anywhere and are completely weatherproof.  If you would like to reserve please go to www.furryfix.net and pre-order. 

Tote plus styrofoam dimensions:
Exterior dimensions:
30" x 20" x 18"
Interior Dimensions (after tote and styrofoam):
20" x 14" x 15"
Both measurements are approximate within 1"

The measurements on the styrofoam only will vary because a lot of them are donated and are various sizes.  



The cat shelters can be re-used in future years – just replace the straw.
You might have to re-tape the opening with gorilla tape from year to year.

If the cat(s) are not using them – try some of the below tips.
Cut off all (or a part of) the plastic lining at the opening.
Adjust the amount of straw inside the shelter (more or less).
Do not place around any feeding stations.
Place the shelter in a hidden location.

Check periodically to make sure the openings are clear and nothing is blocking them.

Please (if you can) take a photo of cat(s) using the shelter and send to: (260) 571-8142.

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Please share the information on the shelters on social media sites.