Public Vet appt info

All appointments thru Furry Fix for the Public Vet have to be made thru our website at:  After you complete the transaction on our website - you must go to the Public Vet site and complete the booking form for each cat (one booking per cat).  The booking form can be found at:

After you pay for the Public Vet appointment via the Furry Fix website - you will receive an email confirmation.  It is very important to bring that confirmation (hard copy or digital) to your appointment to show to the staff of Public Vet so they know you are part of Furry Fix.

Reminder, there are no refunds or credits for missed appointments thru Furry Fix.  

After you pay the $45 thru Furry Fix - you will pay nothing else the day of the spay/neuter unless you elect to get extra services from the Public Vet.  

If you have an appointment with the Public Vet thru Furry Fix.  Go to: - find your location and see all their detailed information.  Below are some of the highlights that you should know but please follow the instructions on their page on their website.  

Furry Fix only handles the financial discount - any surgery related questions should be directed to the Public Vet.  

Check in will take about one hour of your time.  Check-In will start promptly at 8:30a local time.

All cats will be checked in and discharged to your vehicle.  You will be given a time frame to return to pick up your cat(s) later the same day - no cats stay overnight.  Check-in takes about one hour in the morning so please plan on being there from 8:30a until 9:30a. 

Discharge will take place before 7p. The exact time is announced at check-in.  

The cost of surgery is normally $90 but thru Furry Fix you only pay $45. 

The spay / neuter includes the medical exam, all surgery costs (including pre-op and post-op pain medication), any essential services ordered by the attending surgeon and access to the surgeon by phone for three days after surgery.

Other services are available to you that you can get at an additional fee.  

Pre-surgery instructions.
Tattooing is a mandatory part of our service.  All animals that come thru Public Vet are tattooed "PV" in the left ear and the females are also tattooed on the belly. 

No food after 9p the night before surgery. Water is fine. 

If your cat is under 3 months old - you can give it no more than 20 pieces of dry food the morning of surgery.  

The minimum age for spay / neuter thru the Public Vet is 3 months.  

Morning of the surgery:
Bring your cat and two clean towels in a clean carrier the morning of surgery.  Please do not lock your cat in a carrier overnight. You can put up to two cats in a carrier as long as the carrier is large enough though we prefer one cat per carrier.  No food, water or litter in the carrier at the time of check-in.

Animals go home the same day.  Discharge time will be before 7p.  All pets are picked up at discharge. No pets will be kept overnight.  We prefer your pet in a carrier.  But, if you can’t get a carrier, we will have cardboard carriers available for $10.  Loose cats / broken carriers are not allowed.